Random (boring) Thoughts
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2005-01-19 02:41:26 (UTC)


Near the campus of my college, there is a middle school
that is wrought with problems; It's one of the worst
schools in the district. Sadly, the real victims are the
children, who will never be able to reach their full
potential due to their lack of education.

There is a sign on the road approaching the school. It
simply reads, "SLOW CHILDREN AHEAD".

I know the kids there are stupid and all, but do you really
need to advertise that on the side of the road? Wouldn't
you think that the kids feel bad enough already? I mean,
that would be like making Stephen Hawking wear a t-shirt
that said "HANDICAPPED". We all know he's handicapped: he's
in a wheelchair for god's sake. Do we really need to
embarass him and advertise his problem to the world?

Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking. The sign is there
to warn people to slow down because there are children in
the area. However, in order to avoid confusion, a well
placed punctuation mark is needed.

The sign should actually read "SLOW: CHILDREN AHEAD" This
sign would not be degrading at all (unless you have a
problem with colons. My grandfather had one of those, but
that's a different story)

My point is this: When you let morons write signs, you get
stupid signs. I should write all road signs. Then, there
wouldn't be a problem.

Wouldn't you enjoy seeing a sign on the road that

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