2005-01-19 00:24:34 (UTC)

Pineapple Express

That's what the weather forecasters call the type of weather
we're having right now. The front is from Hawaii and it's
bringing in warm winds and only a few clouds. The high
today was in the mid 60's, astounding weather for
mid-January! I took advantage of it and went for several
long walks and tidied up the front yard a bit. It's
supposed to continue like this for another day and then cool
down and begin to rain.

I've noticed more wildlife lately. Birds have begun
returning in larger numbers. There are chickadees, robins,
juncos and sparrows. There are bluejays too. I haven't
seen any doves yet. When I travel I see red-tailed hawks on
fence posts. Today I saw a bald eagle high in a tree right
outside of town. I saw a blue heron standing near the river
on Monday and last week I saw several timid little wild
rabbits in the backyard. John saw a deer when he was
driving home from work the other day. It's surprising what
you see if you keep your eyes open!