My So Called Life
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2005-01-19 00:14:42 (UTC)

Life Goes On

I haven't updated for a while, but I haven't had anything
to write ABOUT or even TIME to write, so this is going to
be a lot of entries combined into one. Please bear with me.

I wasn't wanting to go to my homecoming dance this weekend
because I didn't know of anyone I knew that was going, but
today I found out a lot of my friends are going, so I
might as well go to hang out with them. It sounds like it
will be fun. Now to get the ticket...

Haven't had many yelling matches in my house as of late,
but with my luck, there's going to be one tonight. Oh

Been really busy on my story. As soon as I fix it up a
bit, I'll post it on here for your comments. It's an
English assignment.

Sunday was TJ and mine's one month anniversary (xD) but,
just my luck, I didn't get to see him or even TALK TO
HIM!! I am thinking about breaking up with him because it
hurts so much that I haven't seen him since we started
going out (December 19th, 2004.) I don't want to..But it
seems I have to...I am getting tired of never getting to
see him...anyway there is a guy at school (Not saying
names, but the name is 5 letters long) that I think I am
starting to like, but not entirely sure..There are some
guys at school I would love to go out with..A lot of them
are really nice and sweet, and at least I'd get to see
them xD.

Just found out today that, because of a remark I made,
this girl wants to beat me up. Here's how it started:
Friday, I was standing in a line to get some pizza for
lunch, and this girl and her friend were behind me, and
the girl was trying to decide what to get..I heard her
say, "I'll just get a salad and screw it." Now, if you
know me, whenever someone says something like that, it
just doesn't sound right in my mind. So I said to
myself, "Don't you have your boyfriend to do that?" Well I
guess she heard me, because my friend that spent the night
at her house yesterday told me that the girl told her she
wanted to beat me up just because of that remark. Now, I
was just KIDDING when I said that, but I guess some people
just don't know how to take a joke. Oh well, not gonna let
it get to me.

I don't know what else to say. Gonna update book tomorrow
and post it on here. Until then, everyone...