everyday thoughts
2005-01-18 22:18:23 (UTC)

new hair cut

hey! well today wsa fun @ skool! I no, shocking!, rite?
neway..all I did was nuthing bc we had nuthing 2 do. lol.
The only class I didnt have fun @ was speech. Another
shocker! hehe, well, I talked to Ali n sorted things out
with the present n the rides n the not calling me thing(s).
So that was ok, then everyone said my hair looked nice, n i
thought they were going to hate it. So yaya! I guess Im
going to get use it eventually ( the hair cut ). So now I
have to do this research paper for english n its gonna be
fun bc Im gonna do it on fashion! cant get any better than
that. O, n I 4got to mention that now I can take 5 min.
showers! wow! lol. so, o grandma is in town w/her
german husband (3rd one) so, friday she took me to get my
nails done n we went to sams...wich was fun. Now I have to
do my biology hmk n it sux ass so, I gots to go. l8r

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