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2005-01-18 20:35:25 (UTC)


Hello again,

AS you know I think I'll try to write at least three
paragraphs a day. You never know, one day this diary may
be famous, and people will want to make a movie out of my
My life story will unravel at my finger tips, and
only your eyes will see it. You will know my inner fears
and most darkest thoughts. My crushes, and flings. You
know I think I'm a little boy crazy. Most of the time I
think about them. Does that make me a little to girly?
You know what I hate the most? It is when I have to
go to Wal-mart, and get dinner. Did I tell you that I live
behind a walmart? No I guess I didn't.
Now as promised let me tell you about Erica. She is
Peurto Rican. Pretty, and has all the guys over her. I
mean at least all the cute guys. She is kinda bossy to,
but I don't tell her that. At times she seems really
greedy, but that is just her nature I guess. But still she
makes a great friend.
Aggghhhhh! My algebra is killing me. I never math can be
soooo hard. I hate it. And my teacher too. Mr.Rogers never
explains anything, and it gets really annoying.
I have this friend, or if you can even call her a
friend. She used to frame me and get me into all kinds of
trouble. For example, one time I went to the skating rink
with Becca, and Chrissy was there. It was Becca's
birthday. But anyways there was this guy there named
Thomas, and he was twenty. Well Chrissy liked him and was
flirting with him, and well i was a little, but Chrissy
was all over him! Chrissy goes and tells her Mom that I
was pregnant with his baby.
Well chrissy wants me to go to her birthday party.
You think I should?
Sorry to make it so short, but I really have to go!

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