2005-01-18 15:39:42 (UTC)

Hi Oak, Sunday, I visited a..

Hi Oak,
Sunday, I visited a dentist because of the tooth pain.
He said one of my wisdom tooth grew improperly so that I
had to take it off. The surgery would be held in the Easter
holiday. This consultation cost me HK$500 ! The surgery
would be HK$2000 ! Oh la la.
After having such an unfavourable “adventure” in the
clinic. I went to watch a movie with pig and Joe. Although
I could not understand what the movie was about, I still
enjoyed being with my friends. When would I meet my friends
Writing physics report until 2am was my punishment of
being out in the afternoon. L
Brian is leaving Hong Kong. I will miss him ~ I
wrote him a poem:

May you forget the school life we had;
May you forget words we said;
May you forget the thousand;
times of my smile,
but you should not forget your dream and what you are
hunting for.
Here, i wish:
you: take good care and Godspeed.

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