under my umbrella
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2005-01-18 09:30:14 (UTC)

need to get my ass back in line:P

Grrrrr I have an exam tomorrow morning and have done
hmmmmmmm no reveision for it yet......really must. Why is
it that when you have something you've got to do.....that
other things that never appealed before....seem so damn
appealing....distractions distractions. Ooooooh i'm up
early. not really by choice...being kicked out for the
cleaners grrrrrr, so got up early to tidy my room. Which
in a way could be the push i need cos i have to exit my
room for half an hour so i'll head down to the library.

Feeling quite possitive at the moment, which is a good
thing:) HAd two whole days of not beeing all depressed:)
Athough did have conversation with John about us missing
huggles and snuggles...grrrrrrr, oh why can't johnny depp
decide to do a film studies course, and just happen to
want to do it here.....ooooo or maybe he could teach one
of the lectures....ooooo that would be simply awesome.
Better snap outta it lol

Things to be done. hope your well John, ROOOAARRR at you




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