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2005-01-18 06:21:26 (UTC)

best day/night since coming to JMU

present time: monday night (actually tuesday morning) 12:51am
present location: my dorm
present outdoor temperature: 17F

the weekend just came to a close...friday, saturday, sunday
and even monday (b/c of martin luther king day). general recap:
-friday: jeff, george, and min came up from richmond to
visit, stayed from 10am til 6pm, def. didn't feel like 8
hours tho. then night, went to ian's at 9ish and stayed til 2am
-saturday: woke up too early, played ping pong and watched
the UNC game...went out around 8:30, came back around 3:30
-sunday: woke up real late, pretty much did nothing. most
kids on my floor stayed in for the night. started snowing
at like 7 something. opium den (dan's fort) was built
-monday: woke up real late. again. went to play b-ball.
walking back from UREC was SOOO COLD. pretty lazy day. did
my RA app tho (finished 11 hours before it was due)

FRIDAY! was the best day since coming to JMU. when my
good friends here, i think the JMU asian population doubled.
we went to breakfast at mcdonalds, then gave a campus tour
and played ping pong. i had class at 1:25 but after that,
lunch and we played more ping pong, played cards (the Big 2
of course and the new Screw Your Neighbor) and whatever else
that somehow led to 6pm. scott, travis, michele and mark
(roommate scott's friend) were also around during most hours.

FRINIGHT! dinner and some lounging around led to 9pm
departure of the dormitories to venture to good ol' 1309
(Ian and Nick's) for a night of partying. it was the best
environment at Ian's that night...there was a great mix of
strangers and familiar faces. I was able to meet and greet
a lot of new people without feeling awkwardly out of place.
Dan and I played beer pong and our first game was against
the house host, IAN. Beat him by luck. Ian signs himself up
on the list again, this time with a diff partner. Dan and I
beat him again. by chance. Ian is coincidentally next on the
list after that with partner Nick. Beat him. by the fact
that Dan and I were and are sweet, sweet champions. neither
of us had ever had any type of winning streak, let alone
beating the host 3 straight times. ok, beer pong stops, and
the party people play flip-cup. meanwhile, i'm walking
around and chatting with new people while enjoying the house
company. met Clay who i saw a lot last semester. met Ksenia
who was an old high school friend of Dan. met Monica who
didn't believe that my name was Raymond. met Lauren who was
a lot of fun to talk to and laugh with. after about an
hour, beer pong came back and so did Dan and I. and oh wow
did we come back. 4 more wins in a row. all the while, more
interaction with the crowd...ian, nathan, beth, adam, and a
lot of new kids. people come and go. john and brendan were
there for a while. intoxicated by the atmosphere, the
alcohol, and the wonderful people, friday night ended too
sudden and too soon. 5 hours felt like a minute of memories
of new friends, old stories, good music, bad defeats, honest
laughs, and random acts.

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