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Life of Non-Dependency
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2005-01-18 05:17:55 (UTC)

Long Day

Today has been interesting. I did alot of running around
today, going to the doctor and looking for a new job which
all went really well. i really like my new chiroprator, he
knows what hes doing and I left his office feeling alot
better. I was suppose to work today but my mom of all
people called me off which was really cool. We ate at
Damon's (It looks actually the same as the one I work at,
absolutely sickening and ironic at the same time seeing as
I was suppose to be at the other one working not eating).
Oh, I got my key out of my door, well i didnt the triple A
people did and he made me new sets of it to, so now I have
a spare in case that shit happens again. Jopb hunting
went great I found openings for servers at place i wouldnt
mind working at which was cool. Plus hopefully will turn
out in more green in my pocket and bank. Then i did
luandry and took Karina to the diner and she worked on her
paper about vegetarians for the school newspaper, god, shes
so great. i really care about her, im going to ask her out
soon. Then we came back to the house and Tim (my brother)
and one of my best friends Chris was with him. We all
chilled up in the room, thoughs 2 jammed while me and
Karina folded my laundry. Chris got really drunk and then
after dropping Karina off he spilled himself out to me, he
told me he loved me, not in a homo kinda way but as a best
friends brother kinda way. Chris is a really cool guy, hes
going places, i can tell. Well mmy brothers bitching that
my typing is keeping him up so i g2g. Peace.


Song: Savior
Artist: Skillet

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