Sweet Recee

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2005-01-18 03:35:28 (UTC)

Loving Sean

This is an entry that I've decided to share from my
personal diary. hope you enjoy it.

Monday, December 13, 2004 11:20 AM

Damn. 2005 is coming up fast. Well. I know what Sean got
me for Christmas. I know what, but I haven't seen it. I
hahve bee n led to believe it's a diamond necklace. He
said that he hopes I like diamond necklaces...so, duh. Why
does he always have to give it away?

When he first got it on Friday, he asked me if I wanted to
see it but not get it until Christmas. I said no and he
said he was going to burst since I'm making him wait until
Christmas to give it to me.

He said he had ONE of my presents. So that means he was
planning on getting more than that. I know he wants to
give me a ring. But he can't afford that right now, so I
can't expect to get that. In fact, I don't expect it.

He showed the gift to his sisters, Meisha and Keisha and
Meisha said that from what she saw, he really cares about

I already know that, because every time he holds me I can
hear him thinking "I love you so much..." He drinks in my
essence with every breath. It's so great to feel so loved.

I hope he can feel how much I love him. I love him so
much I can't even describe it. It hurts because it's so
deep, and it's hard to imagine that anyone could ever love
this deeply. It's unfathomable.

*Sigh* He told me that if I am the one, he wants me to be
able to drive up to the eight room mansion and press a
button to make the bed come out. He wants to give me so
much... And I want to be that warm, soft someone he turns
to for comfort. I want him to feel loved. I want to wrap
him up inside of me and keep away all of the things that
ever made him sad.

Is hhe the sweet invention of a lover's dream or is he
really as wonderful as he seems?

We've known one another for 2 1/2 months and already we've
been through so much. He thougt it would just be a fling
and I never thought it would be anything at all.. And now
look at us. What is that quote about love not being looked
for? I can't remember. But here's a beautiful quote by
Sophia Bedford-Pierce: "There may not be a perfect love,
but love has the power to make you believe that perfection
is achievable."

*sigh* I just know he's the one. God, please don't let
either of us fuck this up... we are so perfect for one

I still don't feel like a girlfriend for some reason.
Well, I don't feel any different from how I did before I
was his girlfriend. If anything, I feel a bit more relaxed
about the situation. Like I've won and now I can bask in
the glory. I've loosened my grip a great deal. I"m not
insecure. Or as much so. I spent the entire weekend with
his family. And they all adore me. And I already know my
family loves him. How could it get any better?

It can't.

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