2005-01-18 03:18:19 (UTC)

Another Boring Day

Well Hey again,

My life is pretty boring. My brothers are so
annoying. Chris is trying to break into our room for some
odd reason. Well actually this was earlier.
You know I'm not really into writing really
long entries, but I promise I'll fill you in with the
interesting things in my life.
I mean I'm in high school, and I take the
regular classes, with the added challenge of French. I
mean if you study at it, it really doesn't seem that
Let me tell you a little bit about my best friend
Becca. She lives down the street, but me and her are
entire opposites. I mean she is all into fashion, but I am
to. I just really don't like to do all that stuff, and I
really don't like to make time for it. But she is really
great though. She is a great listener. You know that you
have friends and all they want to do is talk, talk, and
talk some more. She is really pretty too.
I'm a little more plain jane compared to Becca. I'm
not saying that she is the greatest and most prettiest
person in the world. it's just you know, she has style,
and I don't.
Well now let's see if I can dig up in my mind
something interesting. Well my old friend Sharlee, a
really pretty, and naive girl. Going out with this guy
named Drew. Well Drew has asked my friend Erica several
times for her to do stuff with him. She doesn't, rest
assured. But still I messed up and told Sharlee that drew
has been asking Erica all this stuff even when though were
going out. BIG oops. Well it seems that he wasn't and now
Sharlee is mad.
I'm not a real, go into detail person. So just to
let you know, I just you you enough so that you can get an
idea. How about next time I'll tell you a little about


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