K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-01-18 02:44:01 (UTC)

Thoughts Inside....Out

Now I never claimed to be an awe-inspiring writer, but
over the years I have found that I need an outlet.
Therapy some might call it, but I find that it also is
what keeps me sane,whatever that is.Naked I will expose
myself to you. I will confess my inner most truths,
through you as with all my journals, I will purge my guilt
through word. Through you I am invincible. Through you I
am immortal. You and your emptiness is what attracted
melove. I will rape your blank text box with my thoughts,
but you will never turn away from me. You have a
seductive power over me love...In the world you allow me
to create, I can murder whomever crosses me without
remorse or sorrow. A world with no fear, no loneliness, no

I'd tell you about myself, but why? You will probably
never meet me, or read what I write in it's entirety...so
I feel like my past is irrelevant.20 year old female is
all the information I'm gonna offer up. The only thing I
ask of anyone who reads this and enjoys it is to please
feel free to comment. I've never done this before,
perhaps this will make me feel more valid...as if I were
contributing to something.Maybe, just maybe I'll be more
honest with this than I've ever been.

Believe me it's not gonna always be this boringly morbid,
I'm just in a stangely calm mood today.

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