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2005-01-18 02:21:25 (UTC)

my cruise to the caribbean-chap 5

Day 5-Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands:We arrived to our
port of call around I think 8am ish. Generic routine of
breakfast & getting on the tender over to Georgetown b/c
once again the water was too shallow for the boat to dock
right at the dock. We had to meet @ 9am at studio b, the
ice skating rink, for our excursion which was the Spanish
Bay Reef Resort. We then walked over to our bus that was
going to drive us to the resort. On our way to the resort,
we saw a lot of damage from Hurricane Ivan. Ripped off
roofs, bent palm trees, lots of uprooting of trees, etc.
When we got to what we thought was the resort, we met this
girl who told us that the waves up at Spanish Bay were too
strong so they took us to another resort which was really
nice! I laid out a little with everyone & damn it was real
hot too! I then ran into the ocean, which was really calm
at this part at least, and i went in the water up to my
neck because I couldn't get my stitches wet. Blake and my
Uncle went kayaking & so did Jessica & John in another
kayak, and Ken by himself in one. My mom & I hung out in
the ocean while they did that. I wanted to go kayaking but
if it overturned & I fell into the water, I'd be in BIG
TROUBLE b/c of my stitches! We then met this really nice
guy who was in charge of the jetski rentals at the 1st
resort...he was from Grand Cayman but spoke spanish b/c he
studied in Palma de Majorca (sp.) in Spain so we spoke to
him about the area & history of G.C. After spending 2.5
hrs at this resort, we were off the the Spanish Bay
Resort, our original resort we were suppose to be at. It
was a small little resort with hammecks, a pool, buffet
style food, & the beach right at ur fingertips. The food
was sooo yummy! I didn't go in the ocean or pool...ocean
too rough, pool too cold. We did manage to get a beach
volleyball game going...me, ken, & my aunt on 1 team vs
john, my uncle, and blake on the other. Then this guy Marc
joined our team & he was REALLY good 7 we ended up
creaming Blake's team...haha! We then had to get ready to
leave & go back to the ship. After we got back to the
dock, we walked around for a little, took some pics, then
got on line to take the tender back to the ship. After we
got on the ship, we got all dressed up for the formal
night. We went around & took pics at all of the
professional photo stops that we could...lol! I think
Blake & I took like 4 or 5. Afterwards, it was off to
dinner @ the Nutcracker & the main meal was lobster tail.
I had pasta I think...I can't really remember! lol Then we
went dancing @ Bolero's & met up w/ Claudia, the waitress
from Peru who was soooo nice & friendly! Then at a long
day & night & surprisingly nothing bad happening (ken left
his sandals @ Spanish Bay but that wasn't too major of a
prob), we all went to bed b/c Cozumel Mexico waited for us

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