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2005-01-18 02:00:06 (UTC)

my cruise to the caribbean-chap 4

Day 4-Ocho Rios Jamaica: We arrived in Ocho Rios @
9am...we did our normal routine of eating & then getting
off the boat on Deck 1 Aft. We got stopped a few times by
the RC photographers to take our pics w/ the ship in the
back, which came out nice & yes, we ended up buying them
too! We had some time to kill before we had to meet back
at the dock for our excursion so what did we do?! We went
shopping!! Yayyy!! We went into this cool little touristy
shop, where I got a Bob Marley keychain & 2 Bob Marley
postcards (I love him!). My mom bought some tshirts & Ken
got some stuff for his friends from work. After shopping
at that store, we went to this shopping strip called the
Taj Mahal where we hung out for a bit. Jessica & John met
up with us there & John told me on his way over, he was
offered to buy marijuana 2 times...lol, how funny is
that?!? After shopping there, we had to walk back to the
dock because it was getting closer to the time of our
excursion. We choice this party boat/Dunn River Falls
package, which offered unlimited alcholic drinks, music &
dancing. That day, however, the ocean was extremely rocky
& this boat was big but def. not big enough to not feel
every single way we went over. OMG I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA
DIE!! I started to get really sea sick towards the last 10
mins of the boat ride, which felt like an eternity. We
finally got the falls & we climbed them. Boy the water was
real cold at first but then I got used to it. The
photgraphers took our pictures there & we had to hold
hands, like a long chain, to support each other because we
easy to slip down & if you did, you could really get hurt.
We all made it to the top & then walked down this path
next to the falls b/c it was time to get back on the party
boat & head back to our cruise ship. On the way back was
the worst experience ever. I was fine & so was everyone
else except for maybe about half way through the trip, it
got extremely rocky. like a rollercoaster...i've never
been on a boat that moved soooo much! I then eventually
threw up & started crying b/c I felt sooo horrible. My mom
got sick & ran to the bathroom & had her head over the
toilet the entire time. My cousin, Ken, got real sick too
& threw up in the men's bathroom. The funny part was the
waves were soo rough that the door kept flying open & my
mom practicelly rolled out of the bathroom...it was
hysterical! Jessica, John, my dad, Blake, & my uncle were
fine though....sea sickness pills was the key & i didn't
take any b/c i don't get easily sick like that. My sis
gets sick for any kind of movement & i totally wasnt
expecting something like this. We got back to the ship &
we all felt like total shit! We ran to our staterooms &
took a shower & meclazine (sea sickness pills). Oh--the
whole time this was happening, my aunt ivet was in her
room all day b/c she got real sick in labadee & had to go
to the doctors too---we were all a mess!

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