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2005-01-18 01:44:08 (UTC)

my cruise to the caribbean-chap 3

Day 3-Labadee, Hispanola/Haiti: We arrived in our first
port of call which was Labadee, Royal Caribbean's own
secluded part of the island. We woke up real early because
we were docking around 8am. I walked upstairs and saw how
beautiful it was...and how sunny & hot! I loved it! It had
to be somewhere around 85 degrees....sooo much nicer than
the cold weather back home, right?! lol Blake, me, my
uncle & my cousin has to eat quickly & meet down @
Bolero's at 7:45am to fill out the waivers for our
waverunner excursion which was scheduled to start at
8:30am. So after eating, everyone gathered their stuff &
headed down to Deck 1 Aft (aft means the back of the boat)
to the gangway to get off the boat. I had no idea though
that we had to take a little tender, aka boat, ride to the
actual island because the water was too shallow to dock
too close. And of course, we took a bunch of pics! lol
hehe As soon as we got to the island, we ran off the
tender to meet our 2 excursion leaders, Pablo & some other
guy whose name I forgot. I think there was like 15-20 ppl
in our group...some that rode solo, others that rode w/ a
person in the back (like Blake and I). After getting
fitted for our life jackets, the one excursion leader guy
made us watch this safety video made by the Coast Guard,
that supposedly was mandatory....BULLSHIT!! lol Well maybe
it was mandatory, but it was soooo boring & pretty funny!
lol After the movie was over, we got onto our jetski's.
Blake and I were number 6 out of 10. Number 1 went the
fastest & 10 the slowest,which stayed in the back of the
group. Once Pablo called our numbers, Blake held down the
throttle and we flew soooo fast, right behind jetski
number 5....we seriously we're going 55-60 mph and I kept
flying in the air and I was holding on for dear life!!
Although we were following the wake of the jetski before
us, I was excited but yet a little scared at the same time
because as soon as Blake would let a little bit off of the
throttle, we would start jerking & slow down right away.
So everything was going fine for the first 2 stops where
we made some "history" checkpoints. The guy in front, aka
the excursion leader, told us a little bit about the
history of Labadee & the natives of the area which I found
REALLY interesting. Did you know that the natives burn
coal, which look like little fires in the woods from a
distance, to export?! Coal is their #1 export & they
mainly sell it to the Dominican Republic. There's a little
tidbit for ya...hehe! We then were off to our
next "historical" stop where the natives were going to
come up in kayaks to sell somethings to us. As we were
driving over to the next stop, we had to make a turn &
Balke was going a little too fast and we both flew off the
jetski. All I remember is hitting the water really
hard...remember we were going 55-60 mph the whole time. I
started crying & Blake swam over to me & held me. I then
noticed that my forehead was gushing blood & then I really
freaked out! Blake was like "don't worry baby, it's only a
cut!" So Pablo, who was trailing in the back of the 10th
jetski, took me back to the group & the other excursion
leader guy told Pablo to take me back to the shore while
Blake followed behind. As soon as we got to shore, the
nurse came & saw my cut. She cleaned it up & bandaged it
for the meanwhile. My sister & John saw me & my sis ran to
get my mom. The nurse said I would have to go back to the
boat & see the doctor onboard b/c most likely, I was going
to need stitches because the cut was so deep. So blake,
me, and my mom hoped on the tender back to the ship. We
saw the doctor & he did say that I needed stitches. And
DAMN, getting the stiches hurt, even though he gave me 4
shots to numb the area. Thank god, after the whole
procedure, I didn't have a headache & the next day, it
wasn't even swollen all that much. The only damper to the
whole accident was the doctor said I had to stay out of
the sun, not to sweat, & keep it covered b/c it any sand
or dirt got into the cut, although stitched up, it could
lead to an infection which would then cause the stitches
to have to be removed & resown. After everything was done,
I went back to the island & just basically hung out in the
shade & fell asleep until it was time to set sail for our
next port of call, Ocho Rios Jamaica. The same routine for
nighttime....buffet dinner & dancing at Bolero's.

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