inside a broken mind
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2005-01-18 00:54:19 (UTC)

Unbelievably Awesome Day

Today rocked like no other. I woke up and got in the
shower and Karrie came and got me. We went to the mall to
shop. It was awesome. But not long after she dropped me
off home. My brother was on the comp and I had nothing
else to do so I grabbed my blankets and decided to lay
down. 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door and it
was Coty!! He said that he was babysitting by himself and
he wanted me to come over and hang out with him. So I
hurryed up and put on my shoes and my coat and went over
there. When I got there we watched Napoleon Dynamite gotta
say it's better the second time hehe. Then Coty asked me
if I wanted to play fooze ball. I laughed like he was
kidding, but he wasn't. So I told him i'd only play if
he'd take it easy on me and teach me. I won the first
time, but I lost all 5 times after that. He was cracking
up telling me that I was hopeless. Then we were playing
sorry with his little brothers. Which sucked ass cuz I
didn't know how to play and he wouldn't tell me. Then when
I finally caught on it was to late and I lost. Then when
his mom got home we played sorry with her and Coty kept
takeing my cards when I was so close to winning it sucked.
Lmao... We talked about when he gets a car he's gunna
drive me to school. I cant wait.. Im so excited for him to
come to our school. Well later bye.