Stress Journal
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2005-01-18 00:36:07 (UTC)


I know that this marking period i have to work extra extra
hard. since i am not doing well in photography [ i donnt
know how that happened] but since i'm not doing well i
need to get back on track and do as well as i can and not
procrastinate. i have to do all my homework and hand
things in on time even if it means working a little
harder. i know i can get my grades back up and i will.
only 5 more months until summer vacation and the beach! i
cant wait, i've been thinking a lot about this summer and
how fun its going to be cause maybe i'll actually have
money, i can drive and parents arent going to be so strict
about my whereabouts anymore. i cant wait. theres a lot to
look forwards to - prom, my birthday, graduation, summer,
the beach, relaxing.