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2005-01-18 00:35:59 (UTC)

Not knowing how to Talk to girls

If I started writing this a few days ago, it would be really
long. But now, I'm lazy and don't worry for the topic as

Well, by not being able to talk to girls, I don't mean i get
flustered and speechless like a young boy and his crush, i'm
not gay (not that gay is a bad choice, i'm just not one of
mine to my knowledge). But i really don't know how to
communicate with them. As i child I had more guy friends
then girl friends, and i think that still is true. I always
would hang out with my brothers friends, and all my female
friends were my opposites, i think that is one reason we got
along. I feel more comfortable in a room with at least one
boy and many girls, than just girls.

Not saying that I'm good at talking to guys, just more
comfortable. I've always been friends with them, not in
'love' with them.

But when we were riding home in the bus on thursday, and the
girls were singing, I couldn't join. It's not i didn't like
it or them for singing it. It just couldn't, it's not who I
am and i really don't want to change me. I am working on the
communication a bit on it, but still, I suck.

I do have close female friends and i love them to bits! just
on first meeting It may take me awhile to get to know them.
I am an alien in both of the sexes!

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