Obliterated Soul

Life of Non-Dependency
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2005-01-17 16:11:49 (UTC)

Broken Key In A Frozen Door

I'm going to finally get my key out of my door from my
car. I was fliping out when that happened, just another
thing thats been happening to me that sucks. My karma
needs alittle improvement. I need to start doing things
for others and just be alittle more kind. But im going job
hunting once I get my car. I want a job that pays every
week and will give me at least 25 hours. I can't stands
Damon's (my currect place of employment, not for long
though) there are so mant ignorant poeple that work there
but at the same time there are a lot of really nice
poeple. One of thoughs shoot first cry later sorta deals.
But I need to pay off my car so bad, I cant stand paying on
it anymore. I like my car but the money seems to just fly,
but at least I wont be smoking away all my money. Well I
g2g, I need to meet the triple A people to get my car up
and running. Later Dayz.


Song: Dukes Up
Artist: Modest Mouse