16 year old's story
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2005-01-17 15:32:40 (UTC)

4 Times Pregnant

i wrote "pregnancy" in my strange stage of thought, you
know when you become this really deep thinker for like an
hour but then you snap back to yourself..
that same night i was in the car with my boyfriend and his
mates, they were maggot! and i found out that one of his
mates had taken this chick to get an abortion that day! he
was not her b/f, all she was to him was a lay one night
when he was drunk. and im sure it was the same with her.
Shes my age 16. and i found out that this was not her
first it was her fourth abortion!

Are we not supposed to learn from our mistakes!
these other pregnanys were from 3 guys in total 2 of them
my age one 18. Its discusting to think she uses abortions
as birth control! has she not heard of the condom or maybe
the pill to be safer oif the rest of us can have sex
safetly without getting pregnant once, WHY CANT SHE.

She almost thought of keeping this fourth one.. but thats
probably only because she think he has the money!

Its the guys that pay for these abortions not her! so
maybe she does think its a good form of birth control. i
mean she doesnt have to pay for it!

I think its wrong!
she needs a good wake up call and someone to slap her and
knock some sense into her!