16 year old's story
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2005-01-17 15:26:12 (UTC)



Now let me assure you i am not nor have i ever been
pregnant i am only 16 you see, but there is always the

When ur younger before you become "sexually active" as the
health teachers say you look at those girls who are my age
and layble them dirty, girls who put out. Then you reach
the age where you start to experiment and realise that the
chance of becoming pregnanct has increased from nothing to
something from one night.

The decision to have a child is hard one especially if
your a teenager, but what would you do if you fell

I dont think i know what i would do? my immediete response
is I am too young.. i want a future, i want a career.. But
is that being selfish?

Can a 16year old really bring up a child in a loving home.
I want a child to have a mother and a father to live in a
house with a white picket fence, with a puppy in the back
yard. I want a successful career.

But what if in the meantime before i achieve all this i
fall pregnant?
the choice is heartbreaking i know girls who believe they
will be with thier boyfriend forever but still give up the
I watch her around children, and i cant help but wonder
whats going on in her head.. is her heartbreaking over and
over? or does she see the child that she chose not to have
as not a child but an embryo.. the little thing that turns
into a kid.

Does she remember every year that around this time it
would be her babys birthday, does she think about whether
she would be taking her little girl to ballet or her
little boy to football training.

Does she think about what her child would of done in this

When we see girls who have are pregnant and have obviuosly
decieded to keep thier child we must remeber not to judge
them they have just decieded that they can not give up on
all these things that the child will experiece. and they
believe they can give the child a good home.

But someone who gives up a child shouldnt be judged either
they may not be able to give thier child the best life
that they could at that time..

I dont know what i would do... i dont think i could know
unless it happened to me.

Do you?...

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