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2005-01-17 14:09:49 (UTC)

Week 3: 1/15/05-1/21/05

Saturday: 1/15/05
Breakfast: scrambled egg with cheese, grits 1 piece of
toast, crab cake.
Lunch: chicken dog on white pototoe bread, with onions,
ketchup, mustard, relish.
snack: 1 small cherry coke, 1 small kids bg of popcorn,
Dinner: shrimp, lobster, scallop strudel, piece of bread,
breaded lobster, steamed vegetables, fingerlings(small
potatioes-2), pink lemonade.

Sunday: 1/16/05
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, 2 pieces of turkey
bacon, grits, 2 pieces of toast.
snack: carb smart ice cream sandwich
Dinner: rotissere chicken, steamed cabbage, saffron yellow
snack: apple with peanut butter.

Monday: 1/17/05
Breakfast: bowl of cheerios, 2 piece of turkey sausage.
Lunch:shrimp and chinese vegetables over steamed rice.
snack before gym: salad with chicken and balsalmic dressing
Dinner: rotisserie chicken leg, cabbage.
gym: 20 minutes on eliptical/20 minutes on treadmill...I
stepped it up a notche I was sweating like a pig when I
left out of there last night.

Tuesday: 1/18/05
Breakfast: 2french toast sticks, 2 turkey sausage.
snack: will probably be my bowl of cheerios right here.
Lunch: 2 piece whiting fried fish, 4 jumbo shrimp fried
(sad )
Dinner:salmon, spinach rice.
Gym: 20 eliptical/ 10 treadmill ( I am on call at work this
week, I get a little extra change a month for being on
call, well while I was on the treadmill I got a call and
had to leave early) I drank water very good today.

Wednesday: 1/19/05
Breakfast: 2 pieces of turkey bacon, 2 egg omelet with
peppers and red onions and cheese, 2 pieces of multi gran
honey oat toast. oh and I am drinking a pepsi this morning,
so sad I need it keep me up I am tired as shit.
Lunch:salmon, rice and spinicah, another pepsi (sad face)
snack: ice cream sandwich (carb smart
Dinner: turkey burger on wheat bun with cheese, french fries
snack: I had the last of my cabbage.
no gym:

Thursday: 1/20/05
Breakfast: scrambled egg beaters and cheese and turkey
bacon on onion bagel.
Lunch: shrimp and chinese vegetables over steamed rice,
with two spring rolls (sad face)
Snack: ice cream sandwich (carb smart)
Dinner: lightly fried turkey chop on whole wheat bun.
I drank one of "the teas" yesterday keisha and ohhhhhhhh my
no gym no tape(sad face) you know I got on the scale the
other day and got discouraged that is what happened I
think. I am going to try to go today.

Friday: 1/21/05
Breakfast:scrambled egg beaters and cheese and turkey
bacon on onion bagel. 16oz of water, 8 oz of orange
passionate fruit and jasmine green tea.
snack: bowl of cheerios, special k bar
Lunch: fried turkey chop, brocoli, corn.
snack: skittles, sipping water as I type
Dinner: 3 soft tacos with cheese, lettuce tomatoes and sour

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