Its My Life
2005-01-17 13:30:17 (UTC)


well i havent updated in a while so here goes nothin..
-last friday-
went to school and mentally prepared myself for Rashards
viewing, i came home and got dressed, spencer came and
picked us up, went to the viewing, it was so sad I never
cried so much and seeing all them boys cry..ughhh i hated
it, seeing him just lying there, not breathing killed me
inside i completely lost it that night. When we got home it
was a fucking war going on here Lindseys fuck ass dad sold
us out and were def grounded for umm along time?! we even
have to switch schools but its ok were all going together!
-last saturday-
didnt go to the funeral, wasnt aloud, stayed in my bed all
freakin day.
-last sunday-
stayed in my bed again (wow how fun)
-last monday-
no school, parents worked i talked on the phone mostly with
lindsey shes my best friend i donno what i'd do without
here i was going crazy because i didnt talk to her for two
2nd semester begins, i got the fuckin SAT. PREP. class and
it is soo hard!!
school.. not fun.. oh yeah i cant wait to get out of north
because fuckin petey goes there now.. what tha fuck does
everbody wanna ruin my life? ughh
went SHOPPING yay i def. needed that i got the coolest
fuckin shoes to go with my jersey.. wutt the bitch finna be
fitted. and i got these black dickies that look great on my
ass lol =). after shopping we went home, cleaned ourselfs
up, went out to dinner (very, very good) and we went to see
White Noise. one of the scariest movies ive ever seen..
chilled around the crib, talked to keenan and lindsey and i
talked to david at night which ahh i loved what a sweet
fuckin guy he is!
get all pretty, and MAYBE go see Couch Carter w/ David
Jackie Lindsey Spencer and D.D (fingers crossed).
moms gonna go to school choice and switch me and jackie
outta North into Cape hell yehh
moms letting me and jackie skip school so we can go
shopping and i allready know what im getting.. MORE SHOES
im up to 18 pairs of skeakers bitches!!!

well i updated ahead so ill holla back later

xoxo Ashley

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