How Do I Tell Them...
2005-01-17 12:54:45 (UTC)

Entry the 30th

I dunno waht the point of this diary is, but i guess its so
i can air my stresses and just try to relax...I am seemingly
stressing more and more every day...i cannot seem to relax,
there is always something going on around me and its jut
frustratin that i cannot seem to relax...

Im stressed right now adn its 11pm at night. I have so much
going on in my head 24/7 and its worse when i have nothing
to do because then i just think continuously or i will be
doing something and it will go wrong and i chuck a
shit...its nobodys fault but my own...hyperchondriac that i am.

Im just listening to some macy gray to relax cos she is an
amazing soulish her music...something to relax

My brothers girlfriend is sick as a dog, has some stomach
bug and isnt eating or nothing so i am trying to steer clear
of her and just go and relax and not get sick, cos i have
the dentist on friday and i need to go get a wax and my hair
cut at some stage this week...freaky lol.

Anyways i better go cos i should be asleep, i am going out
with daniela tomorrow arvo into the city and may have her
come back here and we can go fuck around and do shit lol
unless i have no car then i cannot do anything but you get

Anyways goodnight all and to my Princess, I Love You mWah!

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