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2005-01-17 06:59:44 (UTC)

I'm in need of some fun.

I haven't had any appifinies lately so this writing thing
has been lacking. I'm afraid I am becoming dull, and
boring. I sometimes feel like I am standing in the middle
of a bunch of different roads, all leading somewhere new,
but I can't bring myself to pick one. To discover the
road I need to take to live my life. To reach a point
where I am happy and satisfied with. I'm not really a
career person, I never wanted to be something really
badly. So kids know they want to be a lawyer, some a
doctor, others an actor. Me when I was really young I
wanted to be a librarian. Now I like what I do. But
where will that take me. I need to find a purpose. A
path that I get on and never want to get off. Changing
subjects. I was reading that Markham donated like
$500,000 to the Tsunami. Money that they didn't ask to
use, tax payers money. the did a survay and most people
wanted to donate. But they didn't give us a choice. They
just gave moeny that could have gone to our hospitals, or
schools. I understand that people have been hit hard in
Asia. But it amazes me that in a country that complains
about under funding for things like hospitals, and
homeless. They can afford to send $450 million dollars
half way across the world. Yet hundreds freeze on the
street, hospitals close, people wait hours for medical
attention. How cna they come up with that much money so
quickly. I don't quite get how you can walk past people
begging on the street for money and then just turn and
give that money away. Help Asia absolutly, but don't
forget to help at home too. People give and give and give
at a time like this, but we have our own on going crisis
here in Toronto and Canada that also could use our
attention as citizens. Anyways that is all for now I have
run out of space.