2005-01-17 05:09:24 (UTC)


I don't know her very well. I can't seem to get her out of
my mind almost obsessive. NJ is a
friend of my wifes, they met through divorce counciling.
NJ works for her dad in real estate. They sold our
When I first met her, I was attracted to her immediately.
She is very beautiful, she has a beach beauty about her and
has this energy. I don't know what it is but it grabbed me
immediately. It has caused me to open up like never before
and to take a chance. I knew she is way out of my league.
When she has called me or left me a message her "Hi Dan"
brings a
big smile to my face. I am 38, she is about 36. When we
first met to sign the real estate contract I thought she was
26-28. She has the youthful energy, a bubbly personality.
She has something.
The house has sold and I am looking for a rental. I have
contacted her and we have emailed. I have confided in her
about my marriage and she about hers. I have definately
read more into her responses than are there. I think the
reason I have become so fasinated with her is no woman
except my wife has opened up to me like this.

Her husband left her. She lived with her inlaws for
awhile. Her husband left the country, panama and eventually
had an affair. She says she knows he did it to hurt her and
she kind of understands. She is still very hurt.

She was able to find me a couple places, but I have found
a place and will be moving in soon. I sort of asked her
out. I sent her an email asking if she wanted to go to a
movie. She wrote back, saying thanks for the offer but she
did not feel right socializing with christy's ex, she
wouldn't like it if christy did with hers. I totally
understand. She then said it was plutonic invite right?
I wrote back saying it was 95-5 plutonic and that I did
want her friendship but I was not closing the door to
something else. I have yet to hear back. It has been about
a week. Her answer is loud and clear. I truely do believe
the percentage. Although I truely would love to date
NJ and see what would happen, I just wanted to be
friends with her. I will have to wait and see.
I have thought about waiting a few weeks and once I get
into my new place sending her an email and letting her know.
Then I thought about apologizing and asking if we can start
over and maybe have a cyber friendship. If she doesn't I
truely understand.

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