I stab you with hot french fry!
2005-01-17 03:52:17 (UTC)

::sighs happily::

Thanx Max for the positive response. You're right, as
always :P
Wow, this weekened went by really quick. But, I enjoyed
every frikin second ^_^. Howard came over my house to spend
the night. My parents got to know him better and I think he
got to know my parents a little better too. He slept in my
bed while I slept in the computer room bed. Why? I don't
really know. Howard said he could've slept in the computer
room bed and I would've rather slept in my own bed since
it's so comfy. But, my mom wanted him to sleep in my bed
because he's the guest and most importantly my boyfriend. I
don't see the logic, but whatever. Well, actually I do,
knowing he got to sleep in a more comfy bed and sleep well
felt good to know.
But still, the computer room bed did kind of suck to sleep
in ...#1 it wasn't soft or cushiony #2 my dog kept drooling
on teh sheets...
but, ANYWHO, everything else was awesome. My mom cooking
everyday, me driving (for once) to the mall with howard to
shop and take pictures, howard getting to meet chris and
huss, taking howard to church with my rents and me, and
eating brunch. It all went pretty smoothly and blissfully.
I am extremely happy. I can't wait 'til college starts up
again. I'm ready to take on another semester and to be with
my bf more!