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2005-01-17 03:16:37 (UTC)

my cruise to the caribbean-chap 2

Day 2:At Sea-We all woke up & ate breakfast together. We
knew today was going to be a lazy day because we were at
sea all day long so we could only do the activities & just
hang around on the boat. Blake, my uncle, ken, and my
brother in law john went swimming in the pool & relaxed in
the jacuzzi. Blake afterwards laid out in the sun with me
for a little although it was a little breezy b/c we were
going fast...believe it or not, cruise boats go fast!! I
fell asleep for a little and got a good tan. After
sleeping for a little, I woke up just in time for the Sexy
Legs contest that was poolside on Deck 11. The contest was
only for guys who thought they had great legs. There were
about 5-7 female judges and each guy had to do a little
dance down the line for each other judges & show off their
buff legs. It was pretty damn funny!! After the Sexy Legs
contest was the Bellyflop Contest which was hysterical
too! All these really big fat flubby guys did it and there
splashes were huge from when they hit the pool water. i
really wanted Stan, this funny Chinese guy from Baltimore,
to win but his jump wasn't too good. I think he came in
like 3rd or so but whatever. After that, we went back to
the room and relaxed for a little. We then went to dinner
at the Windjammer which was the buffet on Deck 11. Nobody
wanted to eat at the Nutcracker which was the casual
dining hall b/c everyone was tired & my Aunt Ivet was
coming down with a little cold. After dinner, we headed
over to the Metropolis theatre to see the daily show that
they give every night that features the Royal Caribbean
singers & dancers. The show was really good!! After the
show, where do you think we went to hang out afterwards?!
Boleros of course! We danced the night away with our
fellow Peruvians, the guys in the band, and had a ball!
It's funny b/c we even had ppl stopping to watch us dance
lol! A little merengue & salsa is good for the body! hehe
Blake and I took a break from Bolero's and went down to
The Dungeon, an 18 older club right next to the casino.
It had this awesome medieval theme to it w/ skeletons &
shields of armor everywhere. Complete darkness & 2 bars-1
downstairs & the other right by the entrance. We danced a
little to Sean Paul, Nina Sky, and some other rap music
then we both went to bed. I think it was around 1:30am