My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
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2005-01-17 03:11:32 (UTC)

WeEkEnD @ eKu

it was really really fun, but it would of been better if my
dumbass didnt fall asleep!!!! first night i got really
really tore up sick and ended up puking for a while..even
while laying in sarah's bed..she put a trash can next to me
and let me puke in there while there were shit loads of
people in her room lol..and the second night i thought the
cops were out to get me so i got all wigged out and passed
out from being so scared..before midnight!!!!!! omg im so
mad at myself..really.

okay, tell me how shitty this would make you feel..before i
left to visit sarah i poured my heart out to someone in a
letter and all and while i was gone i missed them sooooo
much and thought about them the whole time and when i get
back home all they wanna talk to me is about how hot this
one person is they made out with..and all this shit. im
sick of feeling low like that. im tired of feeling like im
not enough or good enough. they have their reasons. they
just dont know what hell ive been through for them. im
starting to question a lot in my head about what my heart
is telling me. would u listen to your heart or your

WORK: i dont really wanna go to work!!!!!!!
arrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh been partying all weekend and i just
wanna sleep in my own bed for one night..but i cant. i have
to work all night tonight and THEN sleep all day in my bed.
no whats going to be good is...showering a shower all
ALONE! i hate those showers at her dorm..feel like someones
going to pull the curtain back on me..plus its not very
conforting that two guys were standing there brushing their
teeth while i was in the showers taking one..lol WITHOUT
warm water! anyways..i got like 30 min to get ready..SUCKS!
but i'll holla later!