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2005-01-17 02:49:13 (UTC)

my cruise to the caribbean-chap 1

wow...i havent written in this thing in forever and
there's sooo much to say about my vacation!!

First off--my cruise was awesome! The people that went
were me, my bf blake, my mom & dad, my sis & her husband,
my cousin ken, and my uncle & his wife. So in total, there
was 9 of us! i had such a great time---everyone partied
hard, drank lots & gambled too!!

Day One-Miami: We all woke up & met downstairs for
breakfast before we had to catch the shuttle to the Port
of Miami to get on our boat. Breakfast was generic. Either
continental or just a damn danish & juice. I got the full
blown breakfast w/ eggs, bacon, juice, and the whole 9
yards. After breakfast, we went back to our rooms really
fast & grabbed all of our luggage to bring downstairs. The
elevators were crowded and we had to wait an eternity to
get to the lobby b/c everyone else in the hotel was taking
the elevators downstairs to make sure they caught their
shuttle to the port also. So we waited then went
downstairs and checked out. We got on our shuttle & off we
went to the Port. It was about a 15 min drive and we even
drove past the arena where the Miami Heat play & we also
saw the Miami Orange Bowl stadium too so that was pretty
cool! We finally got to the port and saw all the huge
beautiful cruise ships and at this point, i was sooo
excited b/c i love cruises more than anything!! We had to
make 3 stops at the port prior to our ship...1)Carnival, 2)
Norwegian Sun, 3)Royal Caribbean-Voyager of the Seas, and
last but not least, our ship, Royal Caribbean-Navigator of
the Seas. The driver then removed all of our luggage and
we had 10 bags but only 9 out of the 10 came off the bus
and of course, the luggage belonged to none other than
guess who?!? ME!!!! My first reaction was like FUCK, I
LOST MY LUGGAGE!!! That luggage had all the essentials too
for the trip: bathing suits, underwear, all of my clothes
for the casual dinners @ night, my sandals, etc....I was
flipping out & crying. It turns out the driver got my
luggage mixed up with someone elses and took it off at an
earlier stop. I reported my luggage immediately to like 4
or 5 different ppl so they could try looking for it. One
person even filed a report & at this point, it was 1:30pm
and the ship left @ 5pm. The thing is once they take the
luggage off the shuttle, guys come w/ huge crates & put
the luggage immediately on the ship & there's like 2 to
3,000 ppl on each ship so it'd take forever to find my
luggage. I talked to the supervisor & he told me that if
it was dropped off @ the voyager of the seas ship, which
was the same cruiseline company, then they could possible
get it onto my ship before we set sail. otherwise I could
get it in the first port which was 2 days later on Monday.
If the luggage was dropped off @ Carnival or Norwegian
Sun, i wouldnt get my luggage back until after the whole
cruise which means i woulda had to buy all new clothes &
stuff which woulda sucked. At this point, i was soooo
upset & frustrated and wanted to kill someone. So, we all
had to checkin @ the terminal, get our room keys, go
through security & get onto the boat. Once on the boat, we
all ran to the Excursions desk to book our excursions b/c
we couldn't do it online b/c we missed the deadline. We
got everything situated & ran to our rooms & changed into
shorts b/c it was soooo hot!! Then we ran around, checking
out different places. We then went upstairs to Deck 11 to
watch the Sail Away in which they gave us these great
specialty drinks (pineapple & strawberry daquiri) and we
waved goodbye to the ppl below. Then the real party began
b/c they started playing music & ppl were relaxing &
dancing. Honestly, at this point, i forgot about my
luggage...lol! After a while at Deck 11, we went
downstairs b/c the sun was starting to set and we were
getting cold so we went to our rooms to get sweaters. As
soon as i opened my door, my luggage was there!!! OMG A
happy!! yayy for suzette who found my luggage...suzette
cleaned our rooms for the week! she was really nice! After
we celebrated b/c of the luggage, we went to eat dinner &
i actually found a band playing by the casino. nobody was
sitting or dancing by the band b/c they were kinda in a
little corner. i looked at the lead singer and he looked
peruvian & i asked the bartender nearby where the band was
from & she said Peru so I ran upstairs to tell my dad who
loves Peruvian music. Everyone was sooo excited & we all
ran down to Boleros, the name of the little bar area. We
danced the night away.....wow, what a first day!! lol

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