Think Pink!
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2005-01-17 01:56:24 (UTC)

Down with Live Journal

My livejournal wasn't working how bad does that suck. I
know. So the last entry I had Roch was hehehehe Racheal
was telling me about how she understands what I mean about
peoples connections and how she knows how much I dont think
I can take it any more. So this will have to work I am
sooo happy that I can actually write again.

Song of the day - How Far by Martina McBride

"How far, do I have to go to make you understand I want to
make this work so much it hurts but I just can't keep on
giving go on living, with the way things are. So Im going
to walk away and its up to you to say how far..."

Mood of the Day - Sooooooo Happy :-) 3 I went to the dog
show won my class then was asked by one of the best
breeders in the labradors breed asked me to train her
CHAMPION BITCH to be a therapy dog!!!

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