My So Called Life
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2005-01-17 01:36:44 (UTC)

Nothing Good Ever Happens

Well, today was mine and TJ's one month anniversary. And
nope, I didn't get to see him!!!!!! We might as well not
even be going out. He's always busy. There's a couple
reasons I'm mad about not getting to see him: 1) my friend
went to where he works Saturday, and she asked if TJ was
working, and she told me the person told her he didn't
work Saturday OR Sunday (today.) So I call him..he
doesn't pick up, I left a message for him, and he didn't
come to what I invited him to. He wasn't working so don't
know WHAT he was doing. Which brings me to my next reason:
I was talking to someone on a game I was playing. I told
them the city I lived in, and told them I had a boyfriend.
She asked me what his name was. I told her TJ Page. She
said she had gone out with him..she also said he cheated
on her with some other girl (don't remember name) and
wasn't sure if they had broken up or not..which makes it
seem like (to me, at least) that he's cheating on me..and
if he is, I will be so sad. I thought I loved my past
boyfriends, but I've never liked a guy as much as I like
TJ except one, and that guy and I didn't go out long
enough for me to love him. So technically, TJ is my first

I should be used to getting hurt by guys (seems I get hurt
by ALL the guys I like/my boyfriends.) So why am I so sad
whenever I don't get to see TJ? I don't know. I wish I
knew. But I don't. I am so confused right now. I have a
lot of emotions boiling up inside me. Love, anger, hate,
dissapointment, and some others...I don't know what to do
anymore. I truly, honestly don't. Don't know what else to
say. Ta-ta for now.


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