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2005-01-17 01:07:22 (UTC)

What corporate whores do for fun: A tale of class division at the workplace

"...new name tag neck straps! cool!"

was what I said as I saw Aydyn the team leader wave the
new spiffy accessories about on friday during our pre-
shift meeting. But as I would soon find out, they were
merely the objects of grim and heinous symbolism. Aydyn
explained, "Okay these are the new cool name tag neck
things. The red ones are for level 2 interviewers and the
black ones are for level 3 interviewers" and there was an
odd silence. And I sat for a while with a smug grim. Not
only was I and my fellow level oners being denied a neck
strap, We were being visiually distinguished through some
quasi-WW11 jewish armband stigmatization and Marx class
division theory.

Because here is the thing, Level 1 through 3 interviewers
make varying hourly wages, and there is hardly any
seniority difference, or skill difference as far as I am
concerned, its more a question of timing... but anyways,
The more I thought about it, the more disgusted I
felt. "So, I guess we (level one interviewers) are the
working class" I muttered with sarcastic honesty.

I'd really like to know which bigwig exc. thought of this
winner. What is supposed to be accomplished by this whack
fuck around. If it's incentive, no, it's not serious
enough to be incentive. This has got to be the practical
joke of some corporate mastermind.

Ok, ha! I get it, look at us, woot, small scale capitalist
society, thats us. What a zinger. Hey, lets get some
pictures of those two inter-class whores interacting.

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