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2005-01-17 00:41:57 (UTC)

On anger

One of the things that I have learned, which is probably
one of the most difficult things to grasp is that there is
no such thing as righteous anger. There is nothing in this
world to justify one's anger towards anything. Now, doesn't
that just boil your bottom?
It took me a while to understand this truth. For one
reason, it goes against what we feel is the right thing to
do when we see something that is completely nasty or
outrageous. But what this statement is saying, if you let
it, is that it is not condoning what is wrong or outright
evil. What it is saying is that there is another way of
dealing with a situation which causes one to feel anger.
When you look at anger from the perspective of the ego,
all it does is justify it's psychosis. The ego feels
threatened because something is not right with something,
and it needs to react pronto. Because the ego is based on
on various opinions, as our whole idea of self worth or
esteem is based on opinions, anything that contradicts the
opinion or what we believe, is a threat to what or who we
think we are. So we attack or defend our opinions. It is
rather silly when you have people defending someone or
somthing that needs no defense. The feel the need to defend
God, or Buddha, or Swami Bin Doin' Something He shouldn't
It's all the ego's idea of needing to defend itself
because it is really a small little turd. An idea of what
it is supposed to be. It is no different than the gas that
comes out of my behind. That is why we are attracted to big
groups for the most part. They reafirm our sense of worth.
Or others will see us as something larger than life, and
then oh my God, you are the biggest thing since ass wipe.
So peoples opinions of us matter to us more than we know.
Even though they don't really matter at all.
It is not bad to have opinions, however; it is only when
we impose our belief on another that gets us into hot
water. We navigate through the world usuing opinions, but
the goal of transendence is to eventually let go of all
opinions, as it is opinions that hold us to this world,
which we are trying to let go of. Good and bad, wrong or
right, up and down, etc. . . are nothing but opinions, we
have to let them go in order to be truly happy, and at
peace with who we are, and not hold others above or below
us, or base our belief in ourselves on what others think of