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2005-01-17 00:00:39 (UTC)

Today 1/16/05

Dear Diary,
It seems that writing is at the tip of my finger
tips. There is so much to tell you. As you know my name is
Jamie. There seems there so much has gone on in my life.
First my Dad, has gotten a new job as a bugman. He works
all the time, but hey I'm okay with that. At least he is
able to provide for me and my siblings. My brother David,
is in 10th grade, and he is 15 years old. Marcie, my
sister, is 12 years old, and in the 6th grade. Then there
is Chris, he is 10 years old. The wierd thing is that me
and him share the same birthday, 7/27/90 94. Wierd huh? Me
and him go through most of the tragic stuff. Our mom,
kinda crazy, she used to backeract us, or put us in mental
hospitals. The worst times of my life. But hey you gotta
love her right? David and Marcie, have lived the pretty
normal life. They play sports and get good grades. We
fight alot, and they boys share a room, and I share one
with Marcie. WE live of course in middle class suburbia.
In a blue house, in a good neighborhood. My best friend
Becca. She is great, she lives down the road from me. Well
hey I gotta go. Dinner calls.


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