Elizabeth M.
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2005-01-16 18:11:00 (UTC)

I fear

He finally writes back to me,I think that he had read what
had happened last night. I don't know why he should be
upset about it, I didn't do anything wrong. I am not his
girl according to him. And I wouldn't do anything anyways
because I consider myself to be his girl. I have told him
that I am waiting for 1 week, and after that if he doesn't
call or tell me how he feels then I am going to try to move
on with out him. I never said that it would be easy on me
because it wont be. I fear that he will not call. I know
certain things in life are supposed to be and I know that I
am right about Mark, I would bet my life on it. I don't
think that I have been wrong about anything that I said,
sometimes you just know, theres a feeling... like your
physic, and I know that I am right about this. I know that
he loves me and wants to be w/me but he is afraid and
uncertain, he is trying to move on from his last heart
break. He is unsure of himself, he is afraid that if he is
in a relationship w/me that he might be tempted to cheat on
me like his past. He longs to be w/someone who doesn't want
him and pretends to get what she wants. He doesn't have a
good self esteem. He hides his feelings from everyone so he
wont get hurt, he doesn't want to show that he is weak.
Everyone is human.... we all make mistakes. Life is
precious and we only get 1, when you die you don't get a
second chance to change things. I try to live 1 day at a
time. I do love this man named Mark and I do wish him all
the happiness in the world. Remember you only get 1 life,
make sure you say and do the things that make you happy.