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2005-01-16 15:54:42 (UTC)


Sometimes life just sucks. It really does. and it's not
that i think every thing in life scuks-just being a big
girl and haveing to go to college and working and having a
boyfriend-not haveing a boyfriend sucks just when stuff
happends like if a girl from another town likes him and
you know it and he still lets her come to him house and
askes you not to come because if something is started it
will kill anychace that this roomate has with her best
friend so I have to be a big girl and try not be call her
for for that matter not freek out when she calls him. I
did do somthing to put my mind at ease last night----I
took her phone number out of his phone book and I am proud
of it. I know it was somethin a high schooler would have
done but that is what makes it ok because she is a high
schooler and she had it coming. If anythingg happend i
would lose my boyfriend and I don't want that to happen
and so I guess in at a loss of what to do and I don't know
how to start talking about this with him because he just
gets all up set so I am sitting here in my be and i am
lost.........what more can I say I am lsot!