My lil life!
2005-01-16 14:54:17 (UTC)

Jan15 Fun night.. Mom's gone

Dear Diary,

It was a Saturday so I first got enough sleep. My mom left
about 5pm going to the airport and I dint even blink. We
haven’t spoken since dec 30 and the face that she’s leaving
don’t change a thing. Yeah she left without us saying a word
or not even a head node.

Sade’s birthday dinner was today so she asked me to invite
the bois and we all eat fancy that evening but of course we
had to wait for hour before they showed up.

We had a couple of drinks and headed to greenbelt to party.
I hookup with Jamie an aussie dude here on vacation and he
joined our crew to party. Jamie and I met up with two
college girls we were dancing with we went playing billiards
later and just chilled at my place. They dint stay long and
as soon as they left we all hit the sack.

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