~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
2005-01-16 14:42:07 (UTC)


Listen Folks. It is now 5:50 in the morning (yes 5:50 am)
and I am sitting here writing my journals...

have been having a sleeping problem ever since i come back
from hk. Usually what happened is that I slept at a late
night and was up after 3/4 hours (before 6)

Waking up with tears in my eyes is definitely a pain in
the butt. Uummm I believe i was reminising the fun that we
had at energy in my dream and yet lots of songs did
reflect my love life (at least they reminded me of that
someone). Somehow the song "Love and Courtesy" by Leo Ku
has been stucked in my little brain ever since Thomas sang
it.... UUgh damnnit! I thought I was doing so fine and why
all the sudden I felt like i am still not over it? please
please please please i have my knees on the floor Ms.
Helen think about it, this guy made up too many shitty
lies; this guy cheated on you with his other "girl" ; this
guy got her pregnant and could not even make up his dang
mind; this guy is never mature to take responsibility and
this guy.............

STOP! i think i am going insane again =::::::(

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