How Do I Tell Them...
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2005-01-16 11:51:39 (UTC)

A Wasps Bite Or Hornets Sting

Well today seemed to be that of one hell of an interestin
one...I was swimming in the pool and then i came to a stop
and started talking to Kath my bros g/f. Next thing i know i
got stung or bitten right on my knuckle of my left
forefinger and it swelled up to kingdom come. Its gone down
now but it is still sore so if its bruised when i go to the
doc tomorrow i will get it checked out.

I have a doc's appointment tomorrow at 2pm so i better not
forget that lol.

I dont have alot to say cos to be honest with you i dont
know what to say at 10pm at night...

Oh i have had a 2 hour nanny nap today and i tell u waht i
am gonna miss those soon lol...i start uni on the 28th Feb,
O-Week on the 21st at 9am Sharp...bastards lol could of at
least made it 10 lol.

Anyhoo i better be runnnin...

BTW Princess, I love you mWah!!! im sorry i havent dedicated
much to you this entry but i am talkin to u atm so i will do
it there. I Love You mWah!!!