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2005-01-16 11:39:50 (UTC)

Slutty Quotes

*! A FeW QuOtEs !*

****Call Me A Slut Then Turn And Run, It Wont Hurt My
Feelings Cause Sluts Have More Fun!

****my blood touches the blade , hot water covering my
limbs,my lifeforce draining, good bye cruel world, i wanted
it this way

****.* WhY iS iT wHen A GuY iS a pLaYa HiS kNoWn aS a PrO
bUt WhEn a GiRL tAkEs HeR tUrN sHeS kNoWn aS a HoE *.

****wait, if your from africa, why are u white?? omg!! you
dont just ask ppl why they're white!!

****?|iculd beliv in windowz but behind broken glass r

****Must Be That Drunk In The Corner With A Smile Thats
Crooker, But Never Sell Myself Short Like Oompa Loompa's
Turned Hooker

****of a massacre a young woman's throat, cut and her
smaller, gentle smile above.

****physical pain simple and clean keep all those sharp
objects away from me

****WiLl I eVa LuV u AgAiN WiLl We Be ToGeThA aGaIn ThOuGh
ThE LuV wE hAd WaS sTrOnG tElL mE wAtS uP wHeRe DiD wE gO

***** .tiNK3RBeLL(|GoOd GiRLs ArE bAD GiRLS tHaT nEvEr GeT
CaUgHt!*KiSS^[WhY aM i DyInG 2 LiVe If Im JuSt LiViN 2 Die]

****Don't play games with my heart I will let you go before
you start

****It's not that serious I never put that much thought
into us It wasn't that I loved you I was curious

****don't play games with me Cause I play to teach
And if you want to cheat It won't be on me

****When I touch you get hot Then I got you where I want you

****There's no need to call me on the phone I don't wanna
hear from you no more No need, don't call Don't be a fool
and stand outside my door

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