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2005-01-16 09:04:34 (UTC)

lazy Sunday

Just woke up and am enjoying my cuppa coffee, nothing in the
world like my first cup of the day.

Yesterday did go (sorta) ok, work went well, we were way to
well organized with the cooking and preparations, so we had
some 90 min of looking smart and doing ABSOLUTELY nothing to
do. The band liked the food (specially the vega's) that I
cooked. And I banned Luke from using pepper and salt so he
didn't fuck up the taste this time. So strange when I feel
good I can handle him when I have a "bad" day he ALWAYS
fuckes up the food. He did mess up the sauce, but I fixed it
and nobody noticed. Listet (one of the 5 people that know I'm
pregnant) came later that night to shoot the gig, she was
over the moon... finally somebody that is really happy and
seems as excited about it as I am.

I did tell Billy, and she was happy too, I feel so sorry
that I did get pregnant and she can't, but hey stranger shit
has happened and who knows maybe she will too.

I stayed for some of the concert but the had such a fucked
up sound, think there tech. must be like deaf or something
'cause it sounded shit. WAY to loud and to much high
inthere, so put my earplugs in and look at it a lill. Then
decided that it was neither punk nor surf so I went home.
watched some tv, and did some MsN, but nobody was on (they
where all at the gig).

And now I'm up way early and everybody I know is still in
bed cause they went out had fun and drank beer :|

Never did get used to that part of having a baby

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