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2005-01-16 08:57:20 (UTC)

god damn headachs

fuckin i hate having headachs when i try to sleep. fuckin
all they do is keep me up more. tylenal doesnt do shit.
fuckin motrine doesnt do shit. i have no medicine that
will get rid of my fucking headachs. im never going to get
to sleep tonight. which mean im going to be hella fuckin
edgy tomarrow. that and i think im running another fucking
fever. i think i have an ear infection but im not intirly
sure. usally when i have fevers off and on like thins is
usally cause of an ear infection. my ear has been bugging
the shit out of my latly so im pretty sure i have an ear
infection. shit ive had 8 ear infections over my intire
life so far. so if i had one that wouldnt surprise me. oh
well im going to drink so water and try and get some
fuckin sleep.

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