~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
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2005-01-16 08:31:19 (UTC)

Fun, fun and fun

i had a great time today even thou the sleep kinda sucked.
got woken up by my friend at 8ish but itz all good coz he
sounded very upset so i was there for him...... after the
call i went back to sleep til 12ish until ah yee called
and said she wanted to come chill at my house.... got her
sleeping like a baby while i did some clean up work at my
room........ got some part of the cleanings done and i
believe it was pretty productive within just an hour or
two of cleaning.. hehe YAY for Ms Helen~~~~~

went to energy karaoke pl with Ken (my luvly Ken =P), ah
Yee, Justin, Thomas and Yoyo and i cant describe how much
fun i had singing together with the folks. ah yee and ken
sang sooooo good that everytime they sing i thought they
still have the instrumental voice on.... great job Ken and
ah Yee.... one funny thing, i was singing this one english
song of Kelly Chen (yes MY KELLY CHEN) called "Love
paradise" and thomas had his head looking at the screen
the whole time while he was studying some CPA test
supposingly... i guess he is a true fan of Kelly i bet??

went dinner with ah yee and her family right after the ktv
(sorry Ken but i feel bad leaving you guys alone for
dinner) food was nice and went shop for a box of eggs at
Ralphs since my aunt requested one.... UUUUUGGGHHH all the
heart-shaped chocolates reminded me of stupid valentinez
day. i guess all single ppl do think that it is one of the
most stupidest day of the year right ppl??? don't even
know what da heck i am gonna do maybe dig myself a big-O
hole and hide myself from the world for the day LOL~

have been coughing like crazy even since i came home and i
am clueless of what happened to me...... dude am i sick
again or what? -______-|||||||| well ppl thx for reading
and have fun the rest of the wkend~~ lubb ya all *wink*

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