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2005-01-16 06:52:47 (UTC)

So Annoyed!

Oh my god ever had one of those fights where you know you
were in the right but something just doesnt seem right.
Well i have had plenty but this isnt one of them ending me
friendship with Mel was the best thing ever to happen to
me. I so regret meeting mel she has just made my life so
hell in the past year that i could bearly stand anymore of
It all started last night i got a call from Kelly and she
conected me in a three way with Shauna. Kelly told Shauna
and I everything that Mel had done to her and everything.
Kelly and her ex boyfriend had just broken up and Mel was
meant to be one of Kelly's best friends. Mel is going out
with Matt as we speak and thats kind of how it all started.
But Kelly is going out With Micheal but Kelly and Matt
dated for a year and of course Kelly would have a problem
with her best friend dating her ex bf. So Kelly and Mel's
fight started there and they hate each other alot.
Shauna's and I's fight with Mel started ages ago but Shauna
and I didnt even noticed. Our part of the fight started
when we first ever met Mel about a year ago. Mel has always
had go's at us for no reason she always thought of the
tinist thing she could and then turned it into a big thing.
She never cared about anyone but her self. If we said
something was wrong she would just go watever and go on
about her own life. I mean i loved listening to it and all
but it kind of got boring just hearing about her and then
she wouldnt want to know about anyone else.
Well Shauna and I just got sick of it and last night Shauna
had a massive go at Mel and said that she didnt want to be
Mel's friend anymore and told her to leave her alone.
But I had a massive go at Mel this morning telling Mel that
she needs to change considerably and that she needs to
start caring about other people instead of just herself for
once etc. You kind of get the drift of the whole
conversation. Well yes i also told Mel that i didnt want to
be her friend and that she can f*** off and leave me alone
and that i never ever want to talk to her again and that
was it for then.
Later on today she used me friend Amanda's account to talk
to Shauna and I. We just told her the same thing we told
Mel before. That we dont want ot be her friend and that we
dont want to talk to her.
Mel thinks that this all because she is going out with Matt
but we keep telling her that its not because of that its
all because of her even Kelly has another reason. All of
our reasons for hating Mel are the same she doesnt care and
she isnt a good friend at all in fact she is a really bad
Well Cyaz All!
Love Jen!

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