Leah's Thoughts
2005-01-16 04:06:06 (UTC)

What to do...

What to do when life just makes you want to scream and yell
into a pillow...making you want to pull your hair and
that..well this is it I know I said it before...but I let a
cousin here and now I am $22.00 short for parking next
week. I know I had it in my purse I know for a fact...and
how come one has to hide her money in her own place. I just
want to hang out. I think it is about that time I make
plans to go out I dont know I feel like so much is
happening to me right now...a spiritual growth thing?
Everytime I decided to go to church something like this
happens so it is one thing or the othere. I miss him that
is why I think I am lonely. I dont even know who I miss
anymore...Bruce or Brad...LOL...shit I think I just miss
being with someone.
I think I give up no more of this BS in my life I dont want
it anymore and I say that I am going to like worry about
school and my son...But I am so sick of doing everything
alone ...HHHHHHHHHHHHHMmmmmmmmmmmmm

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