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2005-01-16 02:57:28 (UTC)

Brianna [email protected] Cc: Marta Guzman

Dear Ms. Brown:

I have sent you this email on behalf of Brianna's report
on school, so far she has been doing litttle in class and
she has not been turning in her homework for more than 1
week. And me and Sr.Giron are very worried about Brianna
because every day she always say's: "I forgot my homework
on my desk." "I left it in my dad's car" And please let
her know that if she has any trouble with her homework
then she can feel free to contact me or Sr.Giron about her
homework and will try our best to help Brianna with her
homework I promise. Alo Ms. Guzman (Principal) has been
complaining that Brianna is always tardy and never once
has she been on time (8:45). Please reply this message as
soon as you read it so I can show Ms. Guzman on what is
happening with Brianna and try to make sure that Brianna
is turning her homework daily. If Brianna needs help in
Math or any sort then please contact me or email me and I
will try and tutour Brianna on Tuesdays or Fridays if she
can that would be great. This is the end of my message to
you now Ms. Guzman (Principal) would like to speake to you
on this message: Dear Ms. Brown Hi I am Marta Guzman and
it is come to me that Brianna has been tardy every single
day and we cannot accept that every day because when she
is tardy she misses some of the activities her class does.
And Ms. Baldwin has spoken to her about this and I have to
but she continues to be late. Also Ms. Baldwin is giving
me information on how Brianna has been doing each week and
she said that Brianna has not been turning in her
homework, progress reports (2), etc. But we can't help you
if Brianna does not show you the progress report because
inside the progress report it has many details on how
Brianna is doing and all the news that is going around in
Oyster. So please check Brianna's back - pack and make
sure she turns in all of her homework by looking at her
agenda also please note that every day she is ordered to
write her homework in her agenda and have Ms. Baldwin or
Sr.Giron sign it with there intials and bring it bakc with
you signature the next day that way she does not foret to
turn in her homework. I don't know how Brianna get's to
school but please try to make sure that she get's to
school on time by 8:45 a.m. Thankyou for your time and Sr.
Giron would like to say a few words on Brianna: Hi Ms.
Brown I am Sr.Giron (Spanish Teacher) and I was just
letting you know that for Writer's Work Shop in spanish
she barely wrote 1 sentence me and Ms.Baldwin see Brianna
writes 5 words and she get's up from her desk and helps
other people and not concentrating on her own work. So
Please contact us if you have any more questions.

X: Jessica Baldwin
X: Marta Guzman
X: Pablo Giron

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