Davids Diary
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2005-01-16 02:21:22 (UTC)


Me and alexi had a fight just because she cant talk to me
all the time. Right now she dosent know whats going to
happen. She sent me an email saying she know Im mad and
she right I am. Im mad because woman are not like they use
to be when my Greatgrandmother married my
greatgrandfather. Back then when a woman loved a man you
never question if they loved you. You never arguee with
him you alwas trused him. You never dought his love for
the woman. But ofcorse back then woman stayed home
raiseing children they never worked they worked at
raiseing the kids. sighs those times are over with now
adays woman have there own thoughts and if they feel like
there Man dosent love them they arugee with them. Sighs.
Some times I think I was born over 100yrs to late. sighs.
I love alexi very very much. She mad at me spending time
with my friend crystal. She mad at me working I just wish
it was like it was back then when a man was sopose to work
to sopport the family to prove he could provide. sighs Now
adays woman want more they want there man rapped around
there fingers all the time its not like it was when woman
where rapped around the mans fingers. Im doing all I can I
have to dig myself out of the whole Im in. Im trying to
get my cricket phone turned back on just have to wait
intill my imcome tax comes in. as far as when and if alexi
still comes out I sticking to my plan of just comeing over
to where she is staying getting to know Dannal. I know
alexi may not like this but I made a promice to crystal
yes crystal. Im trying not to brake any promices. I dont
wish to brake up with alexi I love her. I was suprised to
find she still has me on her IM when she told me she was
going to take me off. I just wish things where like there
where with my Graetgrandperants. sighs.

Alexi wants to know what my thoughts are why cant I
explain my feelings. Yes I am a little mad still but Im
geting over it. She wants more time she wants me and here
alone when we are on the phone. I just dont know anymore I
am ovisecle not giveing my love what she needs sighs. If
she would just wait intill I get my new cell phone but I
dont know if that will happen. I sure hope it happens. I
really do love her.