roni vohs

crying MY regrets
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2005-01-16 01:38:59 (UTC)

i NEED too let go of his HAND

As I let go of his hand
And tears run down my eyes as I walk away
I see the reflection of his face in a puddle of water
The indescribable look on his face
As I go my path and he goes his
A time for a change
I must live and I will
Need to let go
And take my path
The horrifying thought of what life will be
When his not there with me no more
And he is not
My next love will be there for me and I will breathe again
Feel the beauty of being loved and to love back again
I have close the tender love that I can offer
I been crushed and lost many battles
Have I lost the war?
And I have always ended up with a dirty face
Not anymore
I have dreams, goal, friends, and a family that I love very
I will make alone
I will walk my path for a better life
No more regretful sins
No more love mistakes that I will have to pay for
I will let go of his hand