as good as it gets
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2005-01-15 23:01:11 (UTC)

Worst thing

It's funny how a simple action to show someone that you
care can cause such turmoile, and completely change
everything for everyone ... something such as a hickey.
Want the story?... I thought so. Ok so one of my best
friends has a boyfriend (they have the same name so girl
is boobs guy is balls .. less confusion that way). Ok so
Boobs is at my x's house with balls and he (balls) gives
her a hickey on the neck, now not only is it stupid to
give a hickey somewhere visible, but its uncomprehendable
to give someone a hickey somewhere visible when they 1-
have nothing to cover it up with, and 2-shes not allowed
(by her parents) to be dating anyone ... due to an
unffortionate cirumstance with a condom. So boobs goes
home with a hickey in plane view of BOTH parents, which of
course to make this interesting, they both notice it right
away. SO after an exchange of *a few* unfriendly words
(such as "peice of shit" "slut" , the usual) the result,
is one of shakespearian drama. boobs and balls are NOT
under ANY circumstances allowed to see eachother, her mom
is taking her to exams and picking her up so she'll have
no time to talk to him, and she is also coming to our
netball games so theres no way to see him there, and other
than that shes not allowed out of the house. She isnt
allowed on the computer, or on the phone (with exceptions
to family i.e. me and her cousin, im not family but close
enough) so she has no form of communication with Alex
except for what me and her cousin can tell her. Now tell
me that doesnt suck!

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